Smart Parenting – Side by Side

Here at Smart Parenting we recognise that everyone’s parenting experience is unique.

  • Do you have to repeat yourself five times if you want something done?
  • Does getting out the door take for ever?
  • Maybe your kids crave screentime and barely want to speak to you – if you give it to them you feel guilty, if you don’t you get grief.
  • Or perhaps mealtimes have become a minefield where you feel you can never make a single meal that everyone will eat?

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world to get right, and we all have different challenges.

What’s the biggest fear for us as parents?

That we’ll mess our kids up and they won’t forgive us? That our ignorance will leave our children hopelessly ill-equipped in a sometimes hostile world of bullying, sex, drugs and social media?

The question now is, what would it be worth to you to learn how to parent with fluency, with ease, and have your children on board – Side by Side – working WITH you rather than against you?

What does Side by Side actually do?

Introducing Side by Side transforms the way a family works. You learn to embed the key skills so that you have the chance to stand back and concentrate on the more rewarding parts. The Smart Parenting, Side by Side trademark system is for families with children aged 5-9 who want to give their kids more resilience, confidence, a growth mindset and strong values. It gives you strategies which will see you through the maze of parenting and out the other side with a system so uniquely tailored to suit your family that you have confidence in every decision you make.

You have my attention! What next?

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