About Smart Parenting

Smart Parenting was founded in June 2018, in Susanna’s car in the Stowmarket Asda car park, UK. You might think that this was not a particularly exciting beginning but you’d be wrong.  We were discussing which group of people we would most like to work with next. And when we alighted on parents, we got so excited!

To be able to help those whose children end up disconnected and sad, feeling alone and unloved would feel like such a fulfilling thing to do. And the more we talked about it, the more passionate we became. We want to help mothers of “naughty” boys, of bullied girls. to help children struggling with self-esteem and with school systems designed to suit “others” (but never them). We want to help children to believe in their own decision making and to trust the judgment of their parents but most of all, we want to support families to unite and work Side by Side – and to stay that way throughout their entire lives.

When I trained as a coach, Susanna and I both did an exercise to elicit our life values: one important thing shone through both her values and mine – Family is at number one. Always. We love working together and spending time together and through the Smart Parenting system, we have found a way to bring this happiness to thousands of families across the world.

Our course enables you, as a parent of a 5-9 year-old, to give your children resilience, confidence and self-respect, by teaching you how to make your family work as a team, Side-by-Side in harmony.